Hacker's Edge Game Guide: Tutorials/Out-of-Character Commands

Out-of-Character Commands
Feb. 27, 2017

While playing Hacker's Edge, you will have access to various out-of-character commands, these commands run out of the context of the game world. They are all obviously hardcoded commands, which can be used to check your player status, chat with other players in-game, and perform some moderation tasks if you have access to those commands. In this tutorial, I will go through most of these commands and how to use them.

In-game chatting

As a new player, or an old player, you will most likely need to ask for help from other players or just chat with others socially from time to time. Use these commands here to navigate the in-game chat system. To view a list of available chat channels, and to see additional help, just type in @chan at your command shell. If you wish to leave the public chat channel, type in @chan leave public, to join the kernel chat channel type in @chan join kernel. Pretty easy huh? Next, lets discuss how to chat on either of these channels which is even easier. To say Hello World in the public chat channel, type in the following exactly: +p "Hello World". Please note that our string to chat is enclosed in double quotes. Chatting in the kernel channel is very similar, just type in +k "Hello kernel developers!". Easy enough?

Other user commands

You can use +who to get a list of who is currently connected into the game world and by which client they are connected from. This list displays their website or real world usernames, not their in-game character names. You can page another player directly using their username by typing in something like this: +page kveroneau "Hi there!". You can view all the available commands by typing either @help or +help.

You can check and confirm various information about your user and connected character by using the @whoami command. This will display various IP addresses of some default services your character has been configured to use upon creation.