Hacker's Edge Game Guide: Tutorials/First Steps: Creating a character

First Steps: Creating a character
June 7, 2014
Last updated at Jan. 1, 2018

Before you can even start playing Hacker's Edge, you will need to create a player character, the username which other players will see you as in the game world. This special username is not shown anywhere on the website, so players within the game world will not know who you really are.

Here you can see that we already have a character created, which displays various information on this character. In the future, you will be-able to click onto the character to view various statistics, such as your ranking. To begin the character creation process, click on Create Character.

Just fill in those 4 simple fields, and your character will be created. The first 2 are rather obvious on their function. The second last field, Network is where you can choose where to place this characters Home Host, which is the first host you connect to when you log in as this character on Hacker's Edge. In the future this may mean something, but for now, feel free to choose any network you find interesting. Currently this option controls which IP address, and mail server you connect to. The final field you choose is the Machine type, which selects the type of machine this will be. At the moment the selection will be limited, however in the future there might be quite a few options to choose from, so check back every so often.

Here is a list of the current machine types as of this guides update, from easiest to use, to most complex. There is a guide here for each one as well.

HackerOS 65c02 - By the far the most easiest to use, and most flushed out user experience for the modern user. HackerOS, the official 65c02 operating system for the avid hacker in today's world. It ships with a fully functional kernel, and various device drivers for file and network operations. Unlike other operating systems, our OS comes with a full command shell, and is 100% compatible with the latest C programming language, cc65.

EhBASIC 2.22 - This is a very basic machine which boots directly into BASIC from ROM, and includes an easy to use program SAVE and LOAD functions to save and load your masterful BASIC programs from the compatible CFFA1 storage unit provided.

HE Monitor - Want to get down and dirty with your hardware, then step into the world of Monitor in ROM. This hacker friendly machine boots directly into a Monitor program where you can read and write RAW memory addresses at will. This machine is only for the most elite of elite hackers, as you will most likely need to Hex import using the provided tool all of your required programs and data.