Hacker's Edge Game Guide: Tutorials/Connecting to Hacker's Edge

Connecting to Hacker's Edge
June 7, 2014
Last updated at Jan. 1, 2018

There are a couple ways you can sign into Hacker's Edge and start playing. The easiest and quickest method, which should work on almost all desktop browsers is by clicking the Play button. The other method is by connecting directly via TELNET. This telnet client can even be on your smartphone, so you can play from anywhere, as long as you have an active Internet connection with good enough latency.

Connected to hackers-edge.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
HackerTelnetd v1.4 $Rev: 281 $
Hacker's Edge Engine v1.4.8 $Rev: 298 $
Welcome to Hacker's Edge, a Massive Multiplayer Online Hacking Universe Game!

Please sign into your character account below, if you do not yet have one,
visit your account page and click "Create Character" to get started!


Currently Hacker's Edge is in CLOSED BETA.

Time since last Hacker's Edge server restart: 21:01:19.737835
There are currently 1 player(s) connected.
hackersedge login: hunter
Password: █

Regardless how you connect, you should see that basic screen of text requesting a login and password. Here is where you login as one of your characters, if you haven't created a character yet refer to First Steps: Creating a character

HackerOOC v1.3.1 $Rev: 297 $
Economy v0.1 $Rev$
Welcome to the Hacker's Edge closed beta!

$LastChangedDate: 2018-01-01 09:22:40 -0700 (Mon, 01 Jan 2018) $

Please review any notices posted here.

What's New?

  * IC Shell macro support!!!!
    * Type "manual macros.txt" to learn more.
  * NMI vector now works, press F6 to perform an NMI interrupt.
    * NMI is non-maskable, so suspending interrupts will not prevent it's use.
  * RST vector is now available, do a JMP ($fffc) to perform a soft boot.
  * Mission Designers can now press F6 while a VM is running to view debug info.
    * Please note, that NMI cannot be used while you have elevated permissions.
    * This is to prevent potential cheating as NMI can be used to check.
  * Function keys can now be detected in 65c02 code.
    * If 0xffe0 is 0x0, then 0xffe1 contains your special control code.
  * IC Shell has "import" command to import Intel Hex code into VM memory.
  * Added op code 0xa6 which was missing.
  * Stack now rolls over instead of halting VM.
  * RAW Terminal mode now available for VMs.
  * Mouse support is back!
  * Ability for a host to be provisioned using a Intel Hex file.
  * Access to OOC + commands while connected to a host.
  * bauen1 has been upgraded to moderator status, please congratulate him.
  * Fixed bug with MacOS telnet client not logging in properly.
  * Open Beta access has been enabled, no more pesky invite codes.

Understanding the system:

  * Use the "help" command to help for the current system.
  * Use the "+help" command to see your OOC commands.
  * Use the "@help" command to display system OOC commands.

Join the public chat channel by using the "@chan" command.
Chat on the public chat channel by using "+p " command.

Last Login: 2018-01-01
HackerIC v1.3 $Rev: 285 $
hunter% █

Once the login is complete, you will be presented with the Message Of The Day or more often called MOTD. This message will tell you about any recent updates or planned maintenance. After that you will be at OOC Shell