Hacker's Edge Game Guide: Tutorials/In character command shell

In character command shell
Feb. 27, 2017
Last updated at Nov. 14, 2017

When you first log into Hacker's Edge, you will be presented with what is the IC shell, or In-character shell. Think of this mode as if you were standing or sitting in the same room as your in-game host. It allows you to perform several activities on the hosts you have direct physical in-game access to. You will initially begin with a single host, and later in the game you can purchase additional machines to have at your disposal. Lets go through all the commands you can use at this special in-mode:

  • hosts: Displays a list of all the hosts you have with you.
  • boot <ip addr>: This is you basically pressing the power button on a machine to power it on.
  • shutdown <ip addr>: Similar to the above, but there is a separate shutdown button I guess...
  • connect <ip addr>: This command connects you with the TTY of the specific machine, keyboard and screen access.
  • manual [manual]: Selects a manual to read, if you enter the command without a manual, it will display a list of available manuals you can read.
  • clear: Clears your screen.
  • import <ip addr>: Imports an Intel Hex encoded program in the machine's memory.
  • storage: Displays a list of the available storage devices and disks which you are able to attach to a machine.
  • attach <ip addr> <storage>: Attach the requested storage by name to the machine specified.
  • detact <ip addr> <storage>: Detach or otherwise eject the storage medium from the specified machine.
  • buydisk: Purchase an offline backup disk from the local hardware store for use in a machine.
  • macro <fkey> "<IC command>": Assigns a function key on your keyboard to an IC command for quick access.

You can always type in help at this prompt to view all the available commands in-game. Full tab-completion is also available in this mode, which should make managing your machine much easier.