Hacker's Edge Game Guide: Programming/Instruction code reference sheet

Instruction code reference sheet
Sept. 4, 2014
Last updated at May 30, 2016

In this guide we will go through the currently available operation codes you can use in your assembly programs within the game world.

The in-game Virtual Machine assembly code is compatible with most 6502 assembly, and the operations are the same. I highly recommend reading the following online documents to learn more about 6502 assembly programming:

There are some specific extensions to the 6502 assembler for Hacker's Edge, these include labels, constants, and raw data.

Labels can be created by placing a word followed by a colon, eg: mylabel:

Constants are defined using def, eg: def stdout $ffd0

Raw data can be inserted by either using DCB and DCS. Here is Hello World using both methods:

DCB H,e,l,l,o,$20,W,o,r,l,d,!,$a,$00
DCS Hello World!\n\0

There is also a forum geared specifically on 6502 programming.