News: Hacker's Edge is starting to move along nicely

Hacker's Edge is starting to move along nicely
kveroneau(Game Creator)
June 1, 2016, 12:08 a.m.

It's been awhile since I posted anything to the News topic. If your curious on the development side of things and the process being made, I highly recommend visiting the Development Diary forum topic. In this topic I sit down after each development session to express my thoughts about the progress and mention anything that's new in the game.

The game is still in closed beta, however I am continually see users attempting to sign into the game using their website account they created. You sign into the game world using a character account you create on the website. Think of this more or less like how Blizzard and other online multiplayer games manage their accounts. You create a single Battle.Net account, and from there, you create separate characters to play as. This design choice was done, as I didn't want users to register multiple accounts just to play as multiple characters. Also, depending on how the game treats you, if you lose your home in-game host, it makes that character attached to it very difficult to play. If you are inexperienced and don't have any other in-game hosts to your name, you will need to basically delete that character and start again from scratch. Also having a separate username appear on the website than in-game makes it easier to ask for help on the forums, as nobody knows who your in-game character is(unless you tell people). The in-game chat also works using the website username identity, so you can freely chat in-game without exposing your in-game character to other players. Characters can still communicate with one another using in-game mail and other communication methods.

Okay, onto the good stuff! Since my last news post in this topic, there have been many advances to the game itself. The 6502 VM core has matures substantially, and now has access to the world outside it's CPU. You can use stdio, file system access, and you can once again send in command-line parameters into your custom binary file!

I am currently hard at work on the 6502 version of KERNEL.SYS partly based on the original KERNEL I built for the previous incarnation of the game VM. The Kernel is meant to simplify the programming of in-game tools and programs for both me and the players alike. There will be system calls which will allow you to print a null-terminated string to the terminal, so you don't need to manually send each byte out. There will also be input handing routines as well. Other useful system calls will be memory manipulation such as memory copying and clearing, easy file system access, and networking.

For those who are interested in beta testing these newest features, but yet to have access. Here are some invite codes for you to use: NEWS1, NEWS2, NEWS3