News: Looking for skilled Python developers

Looking for skilled Python developers
kveroneau(Game Creator)
April 2, 2016, 11:36 a.m.

This project has slowed down considerably in the last year, and as a result, I will be looking for eligible Python developers to help out in the development of the main code base.

Skills required:

  • Python, please provide links to open source Python projects you have worked on
  • Knowledge of computer networking networking
  • Working knowledge of working on Linux systems
  • Experience in an I.T. role an asset
  • Experience with real attack mitigation and resolution planning an asset

If eligible, you will be provided with a Vagrant box with all the needed tools required for development. The game code will be pre-loaded and ready to be worked on. Code commits are done through a private Subversion repository, which you will be granted access to. Knowledge of Subversion would be nice, but not strictly required.

Updates to the Hacker's Edge website will not be required, so no knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript is required. The game code is where the help is needed, which is a completely different codebase.

For the most part, the game code only contains core functionality. This means, that any mission related code should be strictly coded in-game, and the engine should provide the proper virtual machine instructions to allow that. The objective of this project is allow for as much player flexibility as possible, where almost nothing game-related is hardcoded in Python. This means, that most of the Python work will be on the virtual machine core code, which is very tedious to work on, and has the potential to break existing player code... So, this job can be very delicate, which is why a skilled Python programmer will be required for the role.

Other updates will include components such as the Out-of-Character commandset, and adding commands to allow mission designers, and other in-game staff to add new functionality into the game for other players.