News: When breaking the forth wall leads to usability

When breaking the forth wall leads to usability
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Jan. 17, 2018, 5:42 a.m.

Sometimes is good to break the forth wall, if it improves player accessibility. As an example, Hacker's Edge has a little hidden feature that can help players both download and upload files to and from their in-game machines. Yes, you heard right. By connecting to the Hacker's Edge FTP Server from your real world PC, you can actually copy files to and from your in-game hosts. Imagine that! This is most useful, if you plan on disassembling some programs, or want to compile and build your own creations which you can then run within the game world.

This feature is still in heavy beta and is prone to bugs, especially with some FTP client software, as it hasn't been tested with every FTP program on the market. The FTP server will hopefully be very stable once the game releases out of beta, and will be a key feature, which is not seen in many other online hacking simulation games on the market. Hacker's Edge is hopefully bringing a very unique product and experience to the market with features not seen in other hacking simulation games, online or offline. You can view a screenshot of the FTP connection below...

alt text