News: HackerKernel v0.3 is now available!

HackerKernel v0.3 is now available!
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Dec. 29, 2017, 7:54 p.m.

Hello everyone! I have some rather big news to finally reveal. In the past week a lot of new progress has been made on Hacker's Edge, progress on the game engine which has allows some accelerated progress to be made on the in-game operating system. I have brought back support for the original faked in-game file system, and kept support for the block storage devices for anyone who still wishes to play around with that. It is very difficult to write a file system from scratch, which became a huge bane in development.

I am now very proud to announce that the initial in-game OS has progressed far enough along that it's worth providing the current beta testers a peek of what's to come. When creating a new character, simply choose HackerOS 65c02 from the machine drop-down box. After logging in as said character, connect to your host, and HackerOS will begin to boot. At the prompt, I'd recommend your first command be ls to view the files on the system. Here is a current list of files and what they are for:

  • BOOT.SYS - This is the bootloader which the BootROM looks for and loads.
  • KERNEL.SYS - This is HackerKernel v0.3 which the above bootloader loads.
  • FILEIO.SYS - The file system driver which the kernel loads into memory.
  • NETDRV.SYS - The network driver which the kernel loads into memory.
  • SHELL.SYS - The infamous HackerShell, now coded in 6502 instead of being hardcoded in Python as the original once was.
  • BASIC.SYS - The EhBASIC 2.22 BASIC interpreter, this is loaded by basic.bin
  • ls.bin - A binary to list files in the file system.
  • hemon.bin - Hacker's Edge Monitor, works just like the original Woz Monitor on the original Apple hardware.
  • ipconfig.bin - A tool to display the IP address, and bring the NIC up or down.
  • halt.bin - Shuts down the machine.
  • reboot.bin - Reboots the machine.
  • echo.bin - A basic echo program to test command-line parameters.
  • rm.bin - Deletes a file on the file system.
  • mkfs.bin - Formats the entire file system, does not confirm, so be careful.

More commands will become available overtime, to gain access to future updates, use the in-game reinstall command to reinstall your machine.

Please look forward to many future updates, and of course the end of the closed beta, as Hacker's Edge will soon open up to the whole world very soon.

Future commands to be created will be a memory dump and import utility, which will allow the dumping of a memory page to disk, and allow the loading of a disk file into a memory page with ease. There will also be a development tool which will allow hex imported programs to be saved, and executed.

Of course lets not forget about the future networking programs which will allow connectivity between in-game machines.