News: Hacker's Edge soon to go Open Beta

Hacker's Edge soon to go Open Beta
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Nov. 9, 2017, 6:43 p.m.

For all of those out there who were unable to obtain an invite code to participate in the Close Beta of Hacker's Edge. I do thank you for your patience in waiting, as me and all the closed beta testers were working hard to get Hacker's Edge ready for the masses.

If you have been reading the recent Development Diary posts, you may have noticed that 3rd party 6502 assemblers and compilers can now be used to import machine code into Hacker's Edge. This has immediately led to the ability to port existing 6502 software to Hacker's Edge, and most recently a successful port of the very popular EhBASIC 2.22 was ported and currently runs successfully on a Hacker's Edge 6502 host.

As a result of this recent breakthrough, there are now several in-game programs which player's can utilize to explore what Hacker's Edge is, and will build up to in the future before the official public release. Using a modern assembler means that our current team of dedicated 6502 programmers can create their in-game OS, along with me creating the official in-game OS for the game. While there was a custom 6502 assembler available before in Hacker's Edge, it lacked a lot of super advanced features you see in modern assemblers. This was really holding back the overall development of the OS and required tools for players to experience. The use of a modern assembler is not locked away to only specific users, it will be available to all players regardless of status. You will be-able to use an assembler, and run custom code and programs to your hearts content. Just download any 6502 assembler to your real world PC, and create programs. If the assembler does not support exporting to Intel Hex format, Hacker's Edge will provide a Python script which can easily be run on most PCs to convert a flat binary file into Intel Hex ready for importation into the game world.

To ensure that you can be notified when the Open Beta starts, be sure to follow @hackers_edge on Twitter or join the Discord server:

An official announcement will be done in both places.