News: Game Engine back online again

Game Engine back online again
kveroneau(Game Creator)
March 17, 2017, 2:44 a.m.

Due to some Python version differences from my development environment and that on the server, I needed to temporarily stop the game engine servers as they were causing some unexpected issues.

This evening, I spun up a second server with Debian 7, the same version of Debian which I run in my development environment and placed the main game engine there to run along with the 65c02 VM daemon. The telnet and web socket servers are still on the same server as the website, so connecting to the game is the same as it always was, except that the front-ends(telnet and websockets) connects to a completely different server on a private network to connect with the game engine and the VM daemon.

I will continue to monitor the daemons to see if the same issue arise, or if it runs as it did during development.

Players should now be-able to boot and connect to their hosts, although there is only an example program that boots up, then powers the host back off. There really isn't much for an end-user to check out in this release. However, for those with Mission Designer access, you can connect to the website and begin writing and testing custom BIOS and Kernel code.

Once I know that everything is up and running perfectly, I will also begin on my own efforts to start coding the BIOS, bootloader, Kernel, and command shell programs in 6502 so that every connected player can start reaping the benefits of the latest update to the game engine.