Development Diary: Almost ready to release that major update

Almost ready to release that major update
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Feb. 27, 2017, 6:03 a.m.

I had much more progress today, and am inching ever so closer to getting it to a point where I feel comfortable releasing it for the beta players to try out.

Today I made a lot of progress on the virtual machine code, and now TTYs and virtual machine suspension works as expected. Although while porting over the Woz monitor, I found a stdout bug which definitely needs fixing before I can release. The VM itself runs at a much slower clock rate than the previous VM code, as there is now a 0.1 second delay between each op code being processed by the VM. I am going to do more testing to confirm if this is fine or now, and may even allow the beta players to try it out to determine if I should just move the VM code into a thread and let that handle the op code processing, as the previous code did.

I also began work on implementing the block device storage for the VMs, which seems to be progressing pretty well for the most part. Tomorrow after work, I will be continuing my efforts and hopefully be-able to release the code at some point tomorrow evening. There will be a News posting when the update goes live, rather than a development diary post.

Overall, there has been great leaps in progress towards my goal with what this major update will bring beta players, and future players to the game world.