News: Mark your calendars! Open Beta weekend coming soon

Mark your calendars! Open Beta weekend coming soon
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Nov. 19, 2016, 4:59 p.m.

Yes, you heard the title correctly! I am planning on opening up the closed beta of the game for one weekend only. Why you ask? I need to test out the robustness of the game server for a prolonged duration with many connected users. Opening up game access for a short duration will naturally attract a large crowd of those interested in checking out the current development progress of Hacker's Edge. I will of course be available during the open beta weekend in the in-game online chat system to answer any questions anybody might have about current and future developments of the game. As an added bonus, if you merely just log into your web account anytime during the open weekend, your account will forever be activated in the closed beta. You will be able to connect any at point afterwards to participate and chat with existing players.

In preparation for this event, I will be putting together a YouTube video and posting it into the News section of this forum to make the official announcement of the open weekend. The video will also include a few pointers to help you get started, such as how to create a new character, and how to chat in the public in-game chat system. From there, you can ask me or others who have been part of the closed beta for additional help.

I currently have a date in my head of when this event is planned. It is at least a month away, so keep checking back on the Hacker's Edge twitter account for a News update containing a link to the YouTube video announcement.

Furthermore, once you are admitted into the closed beta by joining in on this event, your account is then able to generate Invite Codes, so you can easily invite friends who may not have been able to join in.