Welcome to Hacker's Edge!

Hacker's Edge is a online multiplayer game which takes place in the not so distant future, where computer warfare is running rampant. There exists many underground agencies who hire these hackers to do various jobs for them in exchange for credits. Some of these jobs are as simple as breaking into a remote computer system to steal intellectual property, others are as complex as setting a worm lose on a foreign computer network to do havoc.

The online universe of Hacker's Edge is open world, and you are free to do almost anything your heart desires. To making billions of credits selling captured intellectual property on the black market, or working as a freelance security consultant. Hacker's Edge simulates an entire Internet which you can use as your virtual playground to try things which you would not otherwise try in the real world.

Hacker's Edge has changed rather drastically since it's initial conception. Originally, it was going to be a web-based game to allow easy accessibility for the general public. Since then, Hacker's Edge underwent a few design changes. Hacker's Edge is now a full terminal-based hacking simulation game with an emphasis on actual coding. Within the game world, you will find a full 65c02 virtual machine with special extensions and memory locations to support network connectivity, TTY, and block devices. To further whet your mouth, almost everything in the game world is programmed in 65c02 assembly, from the specialized KERNEL, to all the in-game hacking tools. Players are completely free and highly encourages to hack these tools and programs to give themselves an advantage in-game. With that said, you don't need to know or understand programming to play the game. A good amount of missions will not require it, as tools will already exist. Players will also have the ability to enlist other players to develop tools for them as well.

Since Hacker's Edge is a fictional game, the skills you used in the real world to hack will not work in the Hacker's Edge virtual world, and of course the other way around. In no way is this online game a way of teaching you how to perform illegal activities in the real world.

That being said, any attempt to hack this online game to either bring down the servers, or to gain an advantage in the virtual game world is otherwise prohibited. This game is built in fun and entertainment.

If you think you got what it takes to be the next elite hacker, then create an account today and join in.